Peter Stevens has only been living in Lubbock, Texas for a short while, but he is already getting involved in the community as a volunteer with numerous charitable organizations. There are many worthy charities located in Lubbock, including the Family Guidance and Outreach Center, which helps prepare single parents for parenthood; the Volunteer Center of Lubbock, which matches up volunteers and nonprofits; Big Brothers Big Sisters, which provides mentorship to at-risk kids; and the South Plains SPCA, because what’s not to love about rescuing dogs?

Stevens has been on the receiving end of the work of some of these organizations. The Family Guidance and Outreach Center, for example, runs programs that educate single parents on important topics such as nutrition and parenting strategies. It also helps point these parents in the direction of other resources that they may need. Before his son was born, Stevens prepared by taking some classes with the Center. These classes proved to be an invaluable resource in preparing him for parenthood.

Volunteering is a great way for Stevens to get involved in his community. He also hopes that, by helping others, he will be able to set a good example for his son, and teach him that giving is the biggest reward someone can get in life. There’s nothing more valuable than helping people or animals that need help, and he wants to make sure his values are passed on.

Stevens is now working on building his own organization. The group, tentatively known as Cheers2LubbockCharity, would be a social club with charitable goals. Members would get together twice a month for a meal or drinks, each time discussing how to benefit a particular local charity. Such an organization would be able to positively impact the community, while also giving members the opportunity to get out and socialize.

Learn more about the organizations that Peter Stevens supports:

Family Guidance and Outreach Center

Family Guidance & Outreach Center of Lubbock is committed to building and empowering healthy families through education and awareness. The goal of the organization is to create a world without child abuse and neglect. FGOC offers parenting, wellness, life skills, and anger management classes free of charge so that parents, grandparents, foster parents, guardians, and daycare workers have the tools necessary to feel educated and empowered. Learn more about Family Guidance & Outreach Center of Lubbock on their official website.

The Volunteer Center of Lubbock

The Volunteer Center of Lubbock is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting, empowering, and transforming the community through purposeful volunteerism and leadership development. The organization’s purpose is to inspire a more engaged community by helping people find their purpose and act on it. Their vision is to transform the world by cultivating volunteers and enabling leaders in the South Plains. Learn more about the Volunteer Center of Lubbock on their official website.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters is to provide children with strong and enduring professionally supported, one-to-one mentoring services in Lubbock and the South Plains area. The vision of Big Brothers Big Sisters is to help children reach their potential in school and in life. In partnership with parents/guardians and volunteers, children in our program are achieving educational success; avoidance of risky behaviors; greater aspirations; higher confidence; and healthier relationships. Learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock on their official website.

South Plains SPCA

South Plains SPCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes animal welfare and educates pet owners. Their extended mission is to prevent animal cruelty in the South Plains through training of certified animal cruelty investigators. The organization promotes the highest standards of animal welfare, educates pet owners and prevents animal cruelty in the South Plains. Learn more about South Plains SPCA on their official website.